Frequently Asked Questions

Do you provide your own amplification?
We have our own amplification system which we provide, at no charge. If more than one sound amplification system is needed at the event, then a nominal fee of $50 will be charged. You can find more information on the extra charge of the amplification system on our Pricing page.
We will have our own amplification system at our event. Will your group be able to use our system?
Yes, we should be able to work with any amplification system you provide.
What do I need to provide for your group at my party or wedding?
You will need to provide each of us with an armless chair. We need approximately 12 X 12 sq ft. of playing space for the average quartet. Preferably, this space should be out of traffic paths. If the lighting is poor, we will provide our own lights, but we will need an electrical outlet within ten to twelve feet of the playing area. Details are available on our Service Guidelines page.
My party will be on the patio in the afternoon. Is this a problem?
No, as long as you provide the group with enough umbrellas, or a shade device to allow each member to be covered from the direct sunlight. We will even set up on lawns under large trees provided the ground is level. See our Service Guidelines page for details.

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